Episode 6: Interview with Laurie Green from Crop Swap Sydney

July 27, 2017

Do you love good food? Are you always on the hunt for fantastic flavour? If you are then you have probably started growing your own. Most people who chase good flavour experiences will end up growing produce themselves. And - no matter what kind of spatial restrictions you have - it’s not hard to grow herbs in a pot or keep a chilli plant alive! Growing your own vegetables, fruit and herbs means that you don’t just get good food, often more cheaply than you can buy it, you are also doing great things for the environment. If you are chasing great flavour, you are probably growing organically, growing heirloom varieties, supporting biodiversity by companion planting and growing habitat for bees and butterflies.

Eighteen months ago my guest was doing just that! Laurie Green, despite the fact that she had all the pressures of modern life bearing down on her - job, new baby, mortgage - was growing more food in her suburban backyard in Sydney’s North that she could handle. She didn’t want it to go to waste so - problem solver that she is - she set about forming a network to be able to share her surplus. She began Crop Swap Sydney to facilitate the exchange of backyard produce in Sydney. In this interview I speak with her about how her little gem of an idea has grown and spread and how you can be part of it. You can find links to the things we have talked about ate easygreenrecipes.com/podcast/episode6


Episode 5: How to do Plastic Free July while travelling with kids

July 19, 2017

During the recent school holidays my family embarked on an adventure driving around the South Island of New Zealand. Holidays are usually the time when I might relax my attitude to single use plastics. But this holiday I was determined to participate in Plastic Free July - and limit the ecological footprint I left on this gloriously beautiful country.


In this podcast I talk about how I managed to significantly reduce the amount of single use plastics that our family of five consumed on our holiday, discuss what infrastructure I took to make my efforts successful and reveal my major fails.


Find the show notes at easygreenrecipes.com/podcast/episode5


Episode 4: Just how do you go about learning to cook?

May 16, 2017

This is the podcast where we chat about how we make going green easy. In this episode we discuss exactly how you start learning to cook. Find all the resources and references from this episode at: easygreenrecipes.com/podcast/episode4



Episode 3: Baking Bread with Lynne Trappel from Bowen Mountain Bread

May 13, 2017

Lynne Trappel from Bowen Mountain Bread has been baking the most lovely sourdough bread in her home for thirty years. She has recently moved her baking up a level by starting a micro-business that provides bread to her community. In this bonus conversation I chat with her about the delights of good sourdough bread and how she learnt to bake it. All shownotes can be found at easygreenrecipes.com/podcast/episode3


Episode 2: How learning to cook helps you to save the world from your very own kitchen!

May 2, 2017

There are so many ways that learning to cook can benefit you - but did you know that it can also benefit the planet? Following on from the first episode where we talked through all the ways learning to cook can benefit you, this episode looks at how learning to cook can shrink your ecological footptrint and help you be more environmentally sustainable. Checkout easygreenrecipes.com/podcast for more!


Episode 1: How learning to cook can rock your world

May 2, 2017

Think that time in the kitchen is time wasted? Here are all the reasons that learning to cook is the first step to changing your life, eating better and shrinking the environmental footprint of your household. This is a new podcast from easygreenrecipes.com.